Announcement about the Cyberpunk City Works Competition

We regret to inform everyone that the Cyberpunk City Works Competition cannot continue due to too few participants. We deeply apologize for this. While, as this forum is a non-profit website, some admin staffs have to leave temporarily for personal reasons. We would like to thanks these people who have provided help and support to this forum. Whatever, this forum will also continue to provide a communication platform for those who love cyberpunk. Please continue to support us and work together to maintain cyberpunk city forum.


Well, sometimes that happens. Remember this lesson, and start competitions only when everything and everyone are truly ready for it.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for your support. We hope this forum could keep going.

Thanks for the update. Hope to see this site grow.

Yep, I believe this forum will develop. I also hope that we can discuss it more here.

I think what might help if you are more active on facebook, instagram, and twitter and link content from here to those outlets. It can help drive traffic.

Thank you for the update, hope to see the forum grow and have similar creative competitions soon.

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You’re welcome. I think so.

Thanks for the update. :worried: