Community Suggestion based 3D creation (practise)

Any suggestions on what i should (try) to make in 3D??

All idea’s are welcome and i might combine a few, just say what you would think is interesting to see and i’l see if it’s possible for me to try out!
i’m curious to what you all come up with :smiley:

(A litle update!)

This is one of the building concepts with a holo tree and a futuristic road.
(it;s not finished yet, just concept)


I love styles with multile culture collision and integration, hope to see that in your work :star_struck:
I wish you all the best in your creation!


I like novelty, it can also be the content output of niche culture. The few are not heterogeneous, we just look at the world with a different vision than most people, and hope that what we like can also be respected.

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I think you can make some scene in the city, and use some technology to make it looks mechanical and electronic. I hope you can make the work more fun.

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Depends on what are you interested to make or learn. Do want to model environment, props, or characters? Do you want to use hard surfacing and organic modeling? Do you like 3D sculpting like Zbrush?

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I love that idea, could you maybe give me an example of your idea as how to show this in 3d and the environment? (i’m not good at character design yet so i’d like to add it via the environment)

So from what i understand you say like an totally different area from the world, where everything is different and peaceful? (i’m sorry if i interpreted that wrong, i just woke up :rofl:)

well a complete city scene would take long to render but if i just make 1 street and some background building to make it look like it’s in a city, that can work. and for the mechanical and electrical, i’l have to try some random ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i aim to learn all of that except in this case i will put my focus away from character design, i might add some people when i improve my self in that area. but for now i’d like to work with props and environment. and i like to mix a little when it comes to hard surface and organic. so we’ll see how that comes out. (i mostly go for hard surface and add a little organic as “detail”)

Thats pretty cool. I’m kind of the same way where I mostly go for hard surface props with some organics. Eventually I do want to try making a complete characters. You can model off someone design which gives both you the 3D artist and 2D artist that created the design publicity or you can make a unique design yourself. Both are fun to do.

This artist has plenty of props and environment where eventually I want to model off.

ArtStation - Elijah McNeal
Also this artist has plenty of weapons props I’ve always wanted to model.

Feel free to look at these or other artist that catch your interest.

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thx for the tip! i’l look into it for inspiration.

Yeah, I think you can first give it a try to make one street or background as an example to post some ideas.

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I may not know much about 3D production, but I think there will be infinite possibilities as long as I want to do it.

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Sure! For example, I love to see a city with American or European streets and Eastern Asian style neon tubes at the same time. Here’s a post I really love in Cyberpunk City, hope you don’t mind me showing you other people’s work.


thx for the idea! i’l upload when i have enough reference to build on.
currently the road is finished, the walkway and decor is at a very basic stage, and the buildings are just concept for now.

i’l add a few more buildings and details before uploading!

sure are infinite possibilities, all you need is some imagination or some awesome people like everyone in this topic to create something together!

looks good but i’l just use some inspiration from those examples, i’d like to keep it Different then what you’d expect.

Also a headsup, i will try to only use textures i made (or have to make) my self.
no photo realism but as original as possible

I am fascinated in East cultures, such as Japanese and Chinese cultural elements, I think it will be cool if you could integrate these things into your design

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It seems that you are making it progressive. They must be some good stuff. Looking forward to more of your finished examples.

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