Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.1

Technology has changed the world, artificial intelligence, cyberspace, biotechnology, these are very common things, and it is these that make this social scene. It looks bright, but it’s a mess. This is cyberpunk, a new social form. They have very advanced technology, but life doesn’t even meet the basic needs.
Night City, this is the main stage of the story of cyberpunk 2077. It’s on the west coast of California. Companies control the city, and the city is out of the hands of the U.S. government. Night city was chosen as the “worst place to live in America” in 2077, and the poor are the first in the United States. But dangerous places also have opportunities to make money, so there are still countless people coming to the Night City to look for opportunities.


In 2077, they voted my city the worst place to live in America

Main issues

Sky high rate of violence

and more people liveing below the poverty line than anywhere else

Can’t deny, it’s true

But everybody still wants to live here
This city always got a promise for you
Might be a lie
An Illusion

But it’s there
Just Around the corner
And keeps you going
It’s city dreams

and I’m a big dreamer

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and I’m a big dreamer, too

The technology and corruptions has dragging this world in the dark, dirty and hopeless place. People in this univerise are trying to save themself with any opportunity them can find. This is dystopia, a dark version of society in 2077.