Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.10 <Trauma Team International>

In the world of cyberpunk 2077, due to the frequent occurrence of violence in cities, the government has adopted multiple emergency mechanisms, such as MAX-TAC. On the other hand, there is a company specializing in rapid response medical services, which has a global information network and instant rescue system, and employees will receive medical and battlefield response training once they are employed. So the company’s employees are better than other medical aid institutions in terms of combat ability and treatment ability.But just because they are too professional and don’t know how to change, their task record is always a little ridiculous to others.
The company, trauma team international, or TTI for short, is made up of combat trained medical staff who may use everything they can to protect their customers from harm.
As long as they have enough money to afford TTI’s medical insurance, customers will get a business card and a biochip implanted into their body to identify their health. Once the chip identifies a problem with the client’s body system, it immediately informs TTI to rush to the scene as quickly as possible, stabilize the patient’s condition and take him away. They seem to integrate the first aid team and SWAT team perfectly. Regardless of the overall situation of the battle, the trauma team always arrives at the scene as soon as possible to rescue the injured customers.
The nature of these medical staff is more similar to that of the medical police. Most of the governments in the world are close to collapse, and the supply of police force is seriously insufficient, and not many people will choose to become government police in such an era. Therefore, more practitioners are tired of joining public welfare organizations to benefit the society, instead, they will choose to participate in the selection of TTI personnel. Physical quality and combat ability are often the most critical elements. Through rigorous selection, the candidates will obtain the most comprehensive and detailed professional skills training on the earth, and finally join this high salary, high return and high risk occupation.
TTI has a franchise of medical staff operating in Canada and parts of Europe. They can call the treatment team by calling 911 on any phone, or even transfer the medical team of some conventional hospitals without authorization. Then, regardless of the customer’s environment, TTI Will track the customer’s neural signal source, send a special team to rescue the customer and rescue it. If the customer is sick or injured, treat it by the way. From the moment the customer calls to the moment they are sent to the hospital, the customer will constantly receive a large number of bills, not only for medicine, but also for the bullets of the special forces. Their ambulance is more like a flying tank, fully armed with bullet proof and explosion-proof weapons. But TTI They still insist on calling the tanks they use as ambulances. Even the oil burned on the rescue road costs money. At the end of the day, customers who are recovering from old injuries will receive huge medical bills including bullet money, oil money and a series of expenses. But there are always a lot of absurd things because of being too professional at work. For example, there is a similar report in the work log of a special combat team member of TTI: a customer is stuck eating fish in a restaurant, falls into a deep coma, and the neural response in the brain automatically activates the transmitter. The TTI special combat team members arrived in an emergency after receiving the signal and coughed up the fishbone for the customer by patting the back. Then when they asked the customer to pay a huge return fee and the nursing fee for patting the back, the customer could not tolerate the expensive cost, so they only took out the pistol to threaten the rescuer. According to the regulations, the medical staff immediately took out the heavy machine gun and shot at the restaurant, completely destroyed all the restaurant utensils, then subdued the customer and seriously injured him, and took the customer to the hospital for treatment. When he woke up, he asked the customer to pay for the heavy machine gun bullets, oil money and restaurant claims for losses.
Although TTI is a little over served sometimes, it is worth to be sure that they are trying their best to provide services to customers from the beginning to the end. Even if your life is threatened by external threats, they will save you at all costs.
An absurd and interesting daily event was written in a Marine Corps log. At 11:23 a.m., a customer was trapped in the building by the company’s security forces, but the customer called for TTI when his life was in danger. The team was stopped by the security forces when they went to carry out the task, but the trauma team ignored the warning and started fighting with him. This group of medical staff showed their transcendence Six armed security personnel were killed. They rescued the customers to the headquarters for treatment without any injury. The price is that the customers will be fully responsible for the lawyer’s fees and medical expenses, as well as the funeral expenses of the enemy’s security personnel, and even bear legal responsibilities. In this case, the trauma team showed its unparalleled combat ability and irresponsibility Attitude: Despite the successful rescue and medical treatment of the customer, all the expenses and legal proceedings after the event will be borne by the customer alone, but these are just ordinary things in their daily work. I don’t know how many customers are crazy to squeeze money and blood while enjoying the treatment service by the company.


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