Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.2 <Night City established>

The founder of night city is Richard Knight. Because he was very dissatisfied with his experience of managing the company’s construction projects at the top of the company, he left the original company and set up a new company himself. This company is ‘Night International’.
His goal is to build a safe, clean and prosperous city. Yes, this is Night City. He bought the suburbs between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and attract investment through better profits. Eventually he did. He built an industrial area with a huge economic base and employees.
But the project went bankrupt as the gangs got involved. Knight was assassinated in 1998. Since then, the night city project has been taken over by violent groups.
In memory of Richard knight, the city was named the Night City.


I remember Richard Knight

My sense is that the biggest force in 2077 is not the government

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I can’t agree more.