Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.3 <The War in the Night City>

The night city has become a city built by thugs and criminals. It may not be too much to say that it is a city of hell. Gang leaders sell project contracts to relatives and friends, violence induces violence, and criminals bring in criminals. At this time, the Night City may be the world’s largest drug and violence trafficking network.
It took only a few months, a city full of order and peace suddenly becomes full of violent crime and drug trade. Mobs controlled the infrastructure of the city.
It’s 2009-2011, In 2009-2011, the War of Cleansing broke out. The police set up a secret agent team to assassinate the gang leader in response to violent criminal activities. Arasaka and Militech’s troops also took to the streets. They quickly defeated the gang and exterminated the mobs.
After that, the large enterprises arranged undercover work in the local government, and began to gradually clean up and control the city. But also because of their new law, millions of residents without stable economic sources were expelled.


World war I

The war left many people in need of mechanical limbs

The very infamous war happened in Night city. The mob war took place in street-level dragged thousands of civilians in death and homeless. Even the city was under martial law, gangs, mercenaries, and troops fought with each other on the street.