Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.4 <After the War>

In 2020, the War of Cleansing has become a distant memory. The Night City becomes a city of apparent peace. The city center is under surveillance, and the power of major enterprises goes deep into it.
But peace is only the surface, there are still many dangers in the real night city, violence and laser weapons are still common on the streets. During this period, violent tools and weapons have become part of the daily life of most people in night city. You might even see two teams shooting for a little thing on the street. Desire and depravity fill the city.
At that time, the government was not as good as before, the traditional national political system was slowly disintegrating, and the international giant enterprises were gradually infiltrating into many capitalist national systems by means of economy, materials and other means. These enterprises were gradually mastering military power and controlling the development of the whole city.
Most companies will squeeze the last value of the poor for their own benefit. Almost all the conveniences of high technology are controlled by these rich people, such as Arasaka and militech, which also set up regional branches in the Night City. They all have a shady relationship with local gangs. Those who hinder their interests will be secretly eliminated in the middle of the night.


The black market began to take hold

Underground gangs also began to gather strength