Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.6 <Soul Killer and Corporate War>

In 2020, a biggest event ever happened in Night city. “SoulKiller” and the fourth corporate war, “SoulKiller” was a virus that can digitize a human mind and upload it to the Net. It was created by a female Netrunner named Alt Cunningham when she worked in a company called “ITS”. As soon as the “SoulKiller” was created, Arasaka kidnapped Alt and was planning to use the virus on civilians in Night city.
As the fourth corporate war began to go for an end, the famous Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand and his band Samurai held a large concert against the Arasaka tower and the plan was to rescue his girlfriend Alt Cunningham. The grand concert ended in a mass disorder. which gave a chance for Johnny Sliverhand and his team to infiltrate the Arasaka tower.
With the spread of the virus, the electronic network war escalated into a street war, and the two giant companies carried out a huge war. Most of the city was razed to the ground. At last, Johnny and his teammates rushed into Arasaka’s laboratory on the 120th floor of the tower to take back the Soulkiller and save Alt Cunningham.
But Alt has been invaded by the “SoulKiller”. She chooses to abandon her body and upload her mind to the network and transform herself into an electronic consciousness. In the end, her mind was trapped in the Net and she managed to lead all other trapped minds after the black wall was built.
The war ended with a mini-nuke exploded in the corporate center of Night City in 2022. Arasaka’s CEO Kei Arasaka blew himself up, and nuclear weapons killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Night City and the team with Johnny Silverhand was all dead.
20 years later, Night City was rebuilt again. The city survived a nuclear bombing and finally got recovered in a very long time. However, Morgan Blackhand and John Silverhand were missing during the war and there is no evidence that both of them are dead and yet, no one knows where Johnny and Morgan’s bodies are.


At the time, hacking became familiar

I also want to play with hackers in 2077

No offences, just a correction and some additional infomation.

The hackers in Cyberpunk lore is actually called “Netrunner” and full name of the Netrunner “Alt” is Alt Cunningham. She was the one of greatest Netrunner in Cyberpunk Universe and created “Soul killer” in a company that she worked as a Sysop.This program can upload a person’s mind in the NET but it was not powerful eoungh to kill ones soul. After the first iteration “Soul killer” was created, Arasaka hired a group of gang to kidnap Alt and forced her to make the virus can “kill a human soul”. Then, The “Soul killer2.0” was released.

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