Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.7 <Enterprise and Media>

By means of annexation, acquisition, malicious attack and other means, the powerful companies have eliminated all the social objections and replaced them with information in their own interests.
Once developed entertainment industry is now replaced by highly similar business content. Hundreds of magazines, online media and TV entertainment projects are all in the charge of the same company. Those innovative works have been swallowed up in public opinion. All the authors or individual organizations who try to make a fight against the mainstream idea will be engulfed by a series of malicious business competition means.
Because the mainstream ideas are controlled by the companies, the law, political means and even force suppression cannot restrain the capitalist’s ambition. For example, there was a tragedy in 1987. In order to prevent the French police from arresting the senior members of Arasaka, the security guards of Arasaka, Japan, opened fire and had a fierce gunfight with the police. The last 24 police officers died on duty only because the company’s top official was suspected of committing a crime.
In cyberpunk’s world view, the only constraint of major companies is the balance of power between companies. The government still exists, but it’s useless.
At the beginning of the 21st century, almost all companies will hire and train a large and orderly private army. The company’s private armed services are also responsible for the formation of clandestine operations teams, including computer researchers, assassins, cyber hackers and former Special Forces soldiers.
For millions of years, the endless desires in human nature have been the advantages and disadvantages of human beings. And these companies are the immeasurable desires and greed of human beings. They bring prosperity to the Night City, but also endless havoc。


What is the name of the busiest part of the city of night?

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