Cyberpunk 2077 background world view part.9 <Max-TAC and Psychos>

In 2013, CDPR released the concept trailer of Cyberpunk 2077. In this trailer, they show a street tragedy in a busy night city. A blonde is covered in state-of-the-art body armor, with a sharp sickle like blade attached to her arm. At this time, she knelt in the street, covered with blood, the body scattered around, the night city police are shooting her. But these bullets don’t work on beautiful women. In the end, a police officer pointed a gun at her head and ended it all.
And this is Max-TAC and Psychos. We all see that at the end of the video, Max-TAC pretends to kill Psychos without telling the public in order to attract talents, but actually recruits her as a subordinate.
Human beings pursue the transformation of the body because of the pursuit of power, but the evolution of the body does not give spiritual progress. The rebellion of human nature instead promotes more rich people, liberals and even idle nobles to indulge in the carnival of hell. The lust on the body urges those people to go to the streets, treat innocent passers-by as ants and kill at will.
As this phenomenon is more and more, seriously endangering people’s life safety, so the society has made a variety of emergency mechanisms. The government sent professionals to set up Max-TAC, which is specially funded by the backstage enterprise department to carry out activities, responsible for cracking down on Psychos.


I remember the medical team was amazing