CYBERPUNK 2077 illustrations


Here is the original work of mine


I am new to this forum, I will be posted some more cyberpunk work here. I am currently working on another one

welcome to cyberpunk city :smiley:

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Welcome aboard, but your illustration is in the wrong place, haha :rofl:

Has the author read JOJO?

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Did the author draw cartoons before?

Thanks, where should I post them?

I have watched some of the episodes on Netflix. And at best this is an unconscious influence. And besides I just wanted to make the characters flashy

This art style really fit the cyberpunk theme thx for ur work we all love it

Wow, they are fighting in the sky!!! with cool poses i love these

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THX for ur works



Thanks I am glad you liked them, it’s the momentum of the bike crashing. A bit of a matrix feel


Glad you guys do. I will see if I can work on something in between work

I think you make a real improvement for your original work. Just the color is what I like in your original work. The organization of the elements in your work in better now than original. But I like the blue one as your background.

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I see what you mean. I prefer the second one too. Been using it as a waLLpaper ever since I posted her. Thanks for the feedback. And I am glad you liked it.

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Where did you find your original work, how to produce it, may be you can write more feeling about it, many people would like it .