Cyberpunk background Part.1 <What is Cyberpunk>

Cyberpunk is a combination of ‘Cybernetics’ and ‘Punk’, a branch of science fiction.
The background of cyberpunk is mostly based on the combination of high technology and low-end life. Usually with advanced science and technology, and then a certain degree of damaged social structure as a contrast. The plot often focuses on the conflicts related to artificial intelligence, hackers and giant enterprises. The social order is highly controlled by the government, consortia or forces, and the role makes use of the loopholes to do some damage to the status quo.
In cyberpunk, the setting is generally in the near future of the earth, and also in the anti Utopia of post industry, focusing on the change of civilization and the use of technology in unexpected ways by the original inventors.
Generally speaking, the main line of cyberpunk’s style is to reflect the strong contrast between the highly developed human civilization and the fragile and tiny human individual. At the same time, the contradictions between the outside and the inside, the steel and the body, the past and the future, the reality and the illusion break out. It looks opposite, but it’s connected.
In cyberpunk, common elements are: hacker, cyberspace, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, androids, Cyborg, urban expansion, ghetto, anti-hero, mega engineering, genetic engineering, human augmentation, bio-engineering, terrorism. And these elements will also appear in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Fun fact: The word “Cyberpunk” actually appeared as name of a novel in 1983, and the writter Bruce Bethke who is the first person brought this compound word in front of the world.


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