Cyberpunk background Part.2 <Statistics>

At the beginning, I need to explain that the whole article source of the background of Cyberpunk is the data of Cyberpunk Red and other websites, so it may be different from some contents in 2077. After all, 2077 is a game. Considering the difficulty of the game and the difficulty of making the game, all aspects may be reduced compared with the original content of cyberpunk, So these articles are for reference only.
Statistics is also called Stats. Statistics are generally rated from 1 to 10. In Cyberpunk Red, stats are divided into 10 types.
Intelligence(INT): How generally bright you are. As a rule, this is more than sheer intelligence, but also includes cleverness, awareness, perception, and your ability to learn.
Willpower(WILL): Your determination and ability to face danger and/or stress. This Stat also represents your courage and ability to survive long-term privation.
Cool(COOL): Your ability to impress and influence people through your Character and charisma; how well you get along with others; how you interact in social situaitons.
Empathy(EMP): Your ability to relate to and care for others, and take others into consideration. Very im portant as it offsets the effects of Cyberpsychosis, a deadly mental illness common in the Dark Future.
Teahnique(TECH): Your ability to manipulate tools or instruments. This is not the same as reflexes, inasmuch as this covers the knack of using tools. One Character might have a high Technique, but might not be able to fence or juggle. On the other hand, another might have high Reflexes, but might not be able to rewire a computer or hot-wire a car.
Reflexes(REF): Your response time and coordination, as used in aiming, throwing, iuggling, etc. A stage magician, for example, would have a high Reflex Stat. Most importantly, this is the Stat that affects your ability to hit things.
Luck(LUCK): How the gods of chance see you. With a high enough Luck, you can tip the scales in your favor; in a game mechanics sense, you can apply points from this Stat to offset die rolls in your favor. However, this pool of points only refills at the beginning of the next session.
Body(BODY): Your size, toughness, and ability to stay alive and conscious due to physical mass, sheer bloody-minded-ness, structure, or other qualities. This Stat determines how much damage you can take.
Dexterity(DEX): Your overall physical competence, as it pertains to balancing, leaping, jumping, combat, and other athletic activities. A gymnast would have a high Dexterity. Most importantly, this Stat can help a Character avoid being hit.
Movement(MOVE): Your speed of movement: running, leaping, swimming, etc…
In the cyberpunk 2077, according to the 2018 demonstration, the characters have six attributes, namely Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflexes, Tech and Cool. But in the 2019 demonstration, six attributes became five, namely Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical and Cool.


Because there is no fixed class, the player’s skills can be modified according to the player’s idea

I hope the hacking inside won’t be difficult

On the contrary, I think it makes the game easier

It sounds interesting! I really look forward to challenge myself !:slight_smile: