Cyberpunk background Part.3 <Skills>

OK, it’s time for us to talk about Cyberpunk. This time I’m talking about Skills. But these sources are still mainly Cyberpunk Red. Therefore, the information of this article can only be used as a reference, and will not be the setting after the official sale of cyberpunk 2077.
OK, SKILLS. In the Cyberpunk Red, skills are defined as:
Skills are things the Character knows or can do; they represent their level of knowledge and accomplishment. There are nine basic Skill Categories:
Fighting Skills: The ability to fight in hand- to-hand combat, or with a melee weapon.
Ranged Weapon Skills: Skills in using a ranged weapon, such as a gun or a bow.
Awareness Skills: Your awareness of your environment, noticing clues, etc.
Control Skills: The use of Slills involving controlling vehicles or riding animals.
Body Skills: The use of Skills involving physical tasks, feats of strength, endurance, and other physical attributes.
Social Skills: Your abilities to blend in, avoid social blunders, and to show style and grace. Also includes your ability to convince others through social adeptness.
Technique Skills: Trained vocational Slills and craftsmanship abilities.
Performance Skills: Training in acting, musicianship, special effects, makeup, or other stagecrafts.
Education Skills: Knowledge and training based on formal education/schooling.

And Another,
Basic Skills: The good news is that every Character also gets a free starting group of Skills to begin with, so that they won’t be totally helpless in their new environment. These are Basic Skills.
Basic Skills are things generally common to everyone in all cultures or time periods: Perception, Concentration, Education, Persuasion, Athletics, Teaching, Local Expert (knowledge of your area), Brawling, and Evasion. These are given free to all Characters by the GM, and have an automatic starting level of 2.

In 2077, when players create characters, they will give players some assignable points, allowing them to decide different initial development preferences. In addition, players can also choose the character background. Different backgrounds determine different social options and may bring different plot development.


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