Cyberpunk background Part.4 <Statistics Skills and Perk in 2077>

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Today’s main topic is Statistics in Cyberpunk 2077. All the information comes from the released demonstration video of cyberpunk 2077 and the information described by cdpr for the game before. It is basically speculated, not real game data, so the article is still for reference only.
In the game, players have five attributes: Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical and Cool. When creating characters, players can obtain 22 attribute points in total. On the detailed display page of skills, players are at level 18 and CRED is at level 11, with 33 attribute points. There are 11 more attribute points than when creating roles. And this number is just equal to the number of CRED level, so it is possible that players can get a little attribute points every time they upgrade their CRED level. But it could also be a coincidence. Now the relatively real news is that players can improve CRED level by completing some tasks.

The five attributes of players are related to twelve Skills.
Among them, Body is linked to Shotguns, Two-handled, Melee and Athletics. Intelligence is linked to Hacking. Reflexes links to Handguns, Rifles and Blades. Cool is linked to Assassination, Nerve and Sniper Rivers. Technical is linked to Engineering. Every time you upgrade a property, you can upgrade the ability limit of the linked Skill. Players can use the ability or weapon related to this Skill to gain experience to improve the level of the corresponding Skill.
Each Skill will have five more Perks. These Perks will be unlocked at level 2, level 4, level 6, level 8 and level 10 respectively.
But reaching the level will only unlock the relevant Perk. To learn this Perk, you need to spend Perk Points. Learning Perk doesn’t need to learn low-level Perk before learning high-level Perk, but as long as the skill level is enough, you can choose to learn.
In the 2019 demonstration, an 18 level role learned 8 1-level Perks and 3 2-level Perks. Assuming that 1-level Perk needs 1 Perk Point and 2-level Perk needs 2 Perk Points, 17 Perk Points are used in the video. Assuming that after the role is created, level 1 roles need to be upgraded to level 2 to get Perk Point, then this number is exactly the same. And in the 2019 demonstration, the level 2 Perk will only display Current Level, and the level 1 Perk will display Current Level and Next. So it’s possible that each Perk can only reach level 2 at most.


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