Cyberpunk city in the real world (11): Delhi and Mumbai

Delhi and Mumbai are two cities in India

picture from Image result for delhi paharganj building | Delhi, Building, Landmarks

picture from Paharganj at night

picture from New Delhi : Cyberpunk

picture from 117 Delhi Skyscrapers Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

picture from Gurgaon to beef up night vigil with ex-army men

picture from Gurugram India - Photorator

picture from The Economist Safe Cities Index 2017: Mumbai and Delhi ranked 16th and 18th unsafest

picture from India Mumbai Maharashtra City Skyline Time Lapse Of Modern Office And Residential Buildings High-Res Stock Video Footage - Getty Images


It’s very cyberpunk

Indiaa,a country with a large gap between rich and poor

Tall buildings and broken tiled houses

Cities are always more beautiful at night

I like the second one


Firstly,thanks for sharing. I always keep a watchful eye on Delhi and Mumbai,two cities of india. I like both of them.

Great modeling, is this a scene that will also appear in the game? I suddenly look forward to this game, not only in Delhi but also in Chengdu and Shanghai

It feels like all the cities are replaced by cyberpunk style. It is very sci-fi, and it is completely amazing to me.

I can tell that the works of yours here must be inspired by some real photos in the real world. They reminds me of Indian street, full of people.

These pictures have their own characteristics. The first one has a kind of fuzzy beauty, and the second one is very lively.

The crowded street and the crowds in the image totally states that it is in India. Very vivid and real pics. And I like the buildings you created.