Cyberpunk city in the real world (17): Chengdu

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I see some Chinese characters like KTV and the Chinese. I really also love east Asian cultures like Chinese culture . They have a special charm and attraction in cyberpunk.


Haha, these elements are very Chinese. You can see this kind of scenery in big first-tier cities in China. I like your work.

I think the pics you have made and posted here are very clear and bright and mature work. It gives a feeling of comfortable.

The first picture looks very lively, the second one is very artistic conception and good-looking, and the final light illuminates all of them.

there was once a time when I travelled to Chengdu. these pics remind me of this dynamic city, thank you for your sharing!

Oh my god, there is actually a view of Chengdu. It is a one-to-one reproduction of Chunxi Road. It must be a game worth playing.

Chengdu is one of the famous cities in China, the citizens in this causal city lives comfortable, I really like it, the slowly life gives a easygoing feeling.

Why is this poster not designed for high resolution? In addition, posters have many elements, and sometimes fewer elements can stimulate everyone’s desire and ideas for creation.

My friend was fortunate to participate in the closed-door show of Cyberpunk 2077. It may be the first to approach this game in the world. After listening to his introduction, I have high expectations for this game.

I see many brands and Chinese culture in these images. Your title of this work is Cyberpunk city in the real world. I think it is so real.