CyberPunk City (Odessa)

A quick new project just for you guys, as the challenge ends soon, and my vacations start tomorrow.

Here is the city of Odessa in a near future, still on the black sea, but a bit more constructed. Let your imagination work, is the city all composed by tall buildings. When you see glimpses of the background it seems not so much. Where the scene has been shot. It seems that theres a dirty window so a flying car, a classic airplane, a drone?
Is the city dystopian or easy to live?

I got my idea that I’ll share with pleasure, but I shared two other projects with background, and I want to let you travel a bit.

Quick view from inside the software. All of the scene has been made in Blender Eevee in real time.

Now let’s see the begining of the work and the first idea:

And other view from the software with shader and texture work:

Hope you’ll enjoy :wink:

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Looks great. I love seeing the behind the scene work.