Cyberpunk City (Security-Robot)

Personal work. All 2D composition made with photobashing layers. Animation in After Effects and compositing in premiere pro.

Now the design is really eye-catching, the flashing lights, cool dress up, give people a very mysterious feeling. I like cyberpunk punk very much.

I think your work of this is very attractive and I can’t help watching it for the second time. Thank you for your sharing. Looking forward to more of your works.

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I love the video. I love the design and color and whole style. It makes me looking forward to becoming one member in the scene.


Wow How much time did you spend on it?It’s very impressing.I think it would be better to be more detailed cyber video with complete plot.Thx for your great sharing :star_struck:

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These pictures are so fantastic, I love the person, bears a resemblance to the high-tech.It’s really cool to wear a helmet mask. I look forward to your creative works.


The security Robot image looks cool, thank you for sharing your cyberpunk artworks for us, I like these things everyday, keep on doing this guy.

I see there are some Japanese words and elements in your work. Is your inspiration from some Japanese culture? I like the dominant colors you use in this work a lot.

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I like this figure, it is very characteristic, it looks strong, I look forward to your new works and more creative works.

The lifelike night city, I like this killer, this is my v, I heard that there will be a montage of the camera switch, looking forward to it

Your work has a sense of design and technology at the same time, as if you have really brought people into the world of cyberpunk

Love this posting!! Can feel the punk is involved in this design! The 3D structure is definitely a plus! Pls keep posting more pics

What a coincidence ! I just saw the last post of u. Love this robot and wish u can share more.

It seems you combine technology with real world. If there were a robot in the road, I would be surprised.

The new work you make is very attractive, and the robot here is even more attracted than the previous one.

Why is the people in the background has Korean characters on his back? Is it about some national integration in the future?

Love this! The mixture of colours and the realism of the robots. The only thing that threw me off was the mixture of different languages in the scene, but otherwise, it’s cool!