Cyberpunk City (ZERO ONE) - Cyberpunk World Building

I’m in the world-building phase of my cyberpunk cg storyline. This specific location is based of the topology of Shanghai, China. I like to share my progress here and get some feedback from the community. Let me know if you see any problems and please feel free to make any suggestions.

EDM Korean music track, but the street is part of my world-building.

Here’s a poster aspect ratio based on a street view.

Some more Vehicle Work.

Double Deck Highway

Single Desk Highway - Night

Here’s the main train station entrance.


This looks like a awesome project would love to know more !!


Thanks, it’s going to be heavily influenced by the obvious Bladerunner and Bubblegum Crisis franchise. I’m still not sure what to do with Bubblegum Crisis. I spoke to AIC in Japan, but they didn’t seem interested at the moment. So I thinking of creating all new power suits and vehicles. What do you guys think?


Yo this look sick! Is this render in Unreal Engine?


I used 3DS Max and Redshift for the first two and switch to Octane for the 3rd video. Main thing that makes night scene work is the lights coming off the neon signs. Although possible, it would be much harder to create that effect with Redshift or Unreal.


Nice! This is just nick picking, but I think just adding some small props like a abandon traffic cone, a lost wheel, some pieces of trash, just to give it that human touch. Also some graffiti can look nice too.


Those are great ideas. I would like to add that I’m mostly working by myself at the moment, so I’ll try to add it if time permits.


Wow!! That’s amazing!


Welcome to the CyberpunkCity!!


Looking forward to your Works in the Cyberpunk City Works Competition.

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Oh, my gosh!Such a big and prosperous city.How long did it take you to finish it?

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I think the shape of the vehicle is a bit lacking.

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Oh my God, I just saw the prototype of this car on your Twitter feed.Very cool.But I still don’t feel stunning enough.


I see what you are saying and I do agree. I would like to also change the design up a bit and this is the type of critique I’m looking for. Thank you for the honestly :slight_smile: The original design was based on the Bubblegum Crisis Griffin car, but it was an old Anime, which kept the design a bit loose. I’m trying to move away from the series and want to give my work it’s own identity. Give me more push :slight_smile:

Oh gosh, it’s been on and off for a while now. I’ll just say it look a while :slight_smile:

Definitely and thank you!

Here’s a poster aspect ratio version based on the street view.


Why do I feel a little familiar with this character? What was your inspiration when you created it?

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This is Priss’ hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis. Also, the superbike from the episode Revenge Road.

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