Cyberpunk ā€“ HK

Hi everyone,

First post from an invitation! :slight_smile:
Have been learning how to paint to create concept art, and have also some HK cyberpunk paintings. Can only post 1 image so will come soon gradually. Hope you like!

:: UPDATE ::

I can post more images! :smiley:

Here is another one. Hope you like^^


This is beautiful, reminds me of some of the concept art for the American Ghost in the Shell movie.

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Nice theme design

Feels like it combine the real pic with art

Nice one

NIce theme

Just what i need

Welcome to the CyberpunkCity!

I think HK is the most cyberpunk city

Thank you so much

It is!

Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

thank you Virgil :slight_smile:

Thank you. There will be more coming soon as soon as I can post more images

Nice work!!


Damn, THIS IS REFRESHING, I am already loving this. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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thank you so much! <3 iā€™m working on more so watch this space :smiley:

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fuck1ng beast!!! I must learn from you

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Haha iā€™m honoured! Thank you so much!