Cyberpunk Live Portraits

Hey Guys,

Been busy the last 6 months, I’ve finally managed to get around to making more posts. Here are 2 of the latest in my series.

Rooftop Sniper
Amid the grimy city smoke and neon, perched to strike with no mercy or emotion, her targets are dispensed with, like taking out the garbage.

Digital Assassin
Digital reflexes have sensed your presence…

Threat detected…

Threat Neutralized…

Game over…

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Smoking Assassin
Cold and calculating, the cybernetic heart beats with digital pulses, and a small wry smile creeps on her face, giving you a false sense of security. Your doom is imminent.

Model: Ashley Young IG: @ashyoung03
HMU: Kristine Lawless IG: @lawlesslooksmua