Cyberpunk Music

Hello, We’re new here!

We got a message from “prettycheng” on Vimeo inviting our indie band, Invocation Array, to join your community.

We make cyberpunk, fantasy rock, revolutionary music and are two women who are musicians, coders, and artists. You’ll even catch Shadowrun in our work. :wink:

Currently, we’re figuring out Covid-safe ways of making media, such as working with recording in noisy apartments (everyone is working from home these days around here), and utilizing animation and quarantine-creative style videos.

You can check out our albums and music videos on Facebook, but we’re also on numerous other platforms. Highly recommend purchasing our music from Bandcamp, as that company really supports us and keeps us going - but you can find us on other popular streaming and media sites.

Please follow us on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Subscribe to us on Youtube if you dig something we’ve done. There’s more to come!

Invocation Array