Disappearing NPCs, Vehicles, & Items Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Changes

This isn’t exactly a single fix on its own, but it’s worth mentioning all of them together. Previously, specific missions or other occurrences that could cause an NPC, a vehicle, or item to randomly disappear from the world.

A number of these bugs have been fixed by patch 1.2. As a whole, these fixes will help with immersion. Here’s a quick list of who or what no longer disappears:

  • Jackie and his guns in The Pickup
  • Nancy in Second Conflict
  • Rogue in Blistering Love
  • Jesse in Burning Desire/Night Movies
  • Distant Badlands terrain
  • Destroyed items
  • Spider Murphy in Love Like Fire
  • NPC’s phone in the Afterlife scene of Ghost Town
  • General misplaced or missing assets

News comes from https://twinfinite.net/2021/03/10-most-important-changes-to-cyberpunk-2077-in-patch-1-2/5/

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