DualSense Controller Looks Surprisingly Large in a New Leaked Image

Earlier this year unveiled the PS5’s new DualSense controller, and it certainly looks stylish, but how will it actually feel in the hand? How large will it be? The official screenshots provided show the controller floating in a white void, so we don’t have much context. The PlayStation 5 hardware looked pretty sleek at first until we found out it’s actually one of the largest consoles ever.

Well, a new image of a DualSense controller actually being held in a person’s hand seemingly leaked on the ResetEra forums, and, well…the controller looks pretty hefty.

The image seems pretty legit – the lighting on the thumb/right side of the controller would be pretty hard to fake, and the controller is tilted at an angle we’ve never seen before. There is a faint possibility that somebody 3D printed a fake DualSense controller, but that would be a lot of work to go to for something like this, and I’m not noticing anything that looks obviously off here. Take this with whatever amount of salt you deem necessary, but this looks like the real deal to me.

So yeah, if this image is real, the DualSense definitely looks larger than the DualShock 4. Maybe it’s a trick of perspective, but that looks like a fairly sizeable man’s hand in the picture, and his fingers don’t spread wider than the controller. Is this the first your hearing about the DualSense? Sony’s new controller will feature haptic feedback and a host of other new features…

Discover a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience1 with the innovative new PS5 controller, featuring haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects. The DualSense wireless controller also includes a built-in microphone and create button, all integrated into an iconic, comfortable design.

What do you think? Would you be happy if the DualSense was a bit chunky? Or do you prefer a more compact controller?


so they going xbox controller size design hmmm.

This is perfect, and with its haptic feedback it is surely the best controller ever made thanks to its features.

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it look like a vibrator

Fat Xbox controller was great

Even so only babies need small controller.

Such imagination is really rich!

That’s what you want.

That looks really nice!

The image seems pretty legit.

Perfect design

I think the bigger controller makes more sense for longer play time :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t really enjoy the appearance. Furthermore, I don’t think the controller fits the ergonomics. The lines of the controller looks a bit rigid.

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The DualSense wireless controller is completely different from the previous wireless controllers, showing the strong desire for the leap experience of the new generation of hosts. If Dual Sense is a bit clumsy, hand sensing should be better, and the compact controller buttons should be inconvenient.

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To be honest ergonomic design is really good for Xbox controller design and the game experience is definitely one of the big selling points of the market.

Wow, I finally have a new gamepad for my xbox. I have to say that this controller is so cool, I must have it