Far Cry 6 Will Feature Third-Person Cutscenes

Far Cry 6 narrative director, Navid Khavari, explains the new methods they’ve used for story-telling in the game including third-person cutscenes.

The latest news from Far Cry 6 reveals that the game will be using third-person views during cutscenes instead of the typical first-person view that we used to see in all the previous entries of the franchise so far.

The recent Ubisoft Forward event could end with a huge surprise for Far Cry fans if the leaks wouldn’t ruin it before the show. However, Far Cry 6 is still one of the biggest announcements of this Summer and its reveal trailer shows off a promising setting that seems to be bounded with a strong story-telling and a smart antagonist.

Speaking to Press Start, Navid Khavari, the narrative director behind Far Cry 6 revealed that the game will be featuring third-person cutscenes. He said:

We wanted to elevate that narrative as much as we can and we introduced a whole lot of new techniques that haven’t been done on the brand before. I think the first one is, you know, we’re going to have third person cinematics, where the player gets to see their character, their customized character, in the third person and sort of interacting with all the other characters.

Featuring some big names from the TV medium such as Giancarlo Esposito as the main antagonist, and Pedro Bromfman as the music composer, Far Cry 6 seems to be a big and expensive project from Ubisoft that will probably be focusing on the story much more than the recent entries of the series.

Furthermore, Khavari clarified that the game isn’t supposed to rely only on its cutscenes for story-telling. He also went on to describe how Yara is going to look like and how Anton’s regime affects the city’s environment.

“Far Cry has such a dynamic open world and in Far Cry 6 , that’s where kind of the feel and look of Yara as this moving postcard, one that you’re you’re literally walking through this postcard and has a contrast of beauty but also the impression of Anton and this sort of weighty drama. We needed to make sure those things were cohesive and live together.”

Far Cry 6 will be available on February 18 for Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Interesting. But I hope the protagonist isn’t just going to be silent during the gameplay, but talks during the cutscenes, hate it when that happens.


Looks cool. There an interesting vibe to it.


The game seems to be cool. The creators of the game have paid great attention and efforts to the game. I want to try it in my spare time.


Always love the FARCRY, cant wait to play it ASAP. Wish the new version can be much much more thrilling HAHAHA


Really impressive that strong muscle, he is a real man or refer to which professional champion?


Cool, I’m exicited to know that there will be a whole lot of brand new techniques. I would love to try it ASAP!

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Wow, that would be cool. I used to email the productor to ask them add some third-person cutscenes. Really looking forward to its next upgrade.

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That is really a good news…Players are always wanting to add such elements into the game. This move will abousutely be supported by the fans :smile:

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I think this kind of game design using third-person cutscenes is very cool. The third-person narrative will make players more calm in the game.

I think it would be a good idea to use the new methods of third-person cutscenes which would be more attractive and sounds engaging for players.