Halo 3 Joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection July 14

No price for adding Halo 3 to your copy of the Master Chief Collection has been listed yet

It’s time to finish the fight. Again. In 2020. Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been a fantastic way for fans of the series that have since moved on to use the PC as their gaming platform to re-experience one of the most beloved franchises in gaming, but it’s been missing one critical piece. Halo 3 , the series’ swan song, has been absent from the collection, until now. The final piece of the original Halo trilogy is heading to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC in just one week, on July 14.

What we know about the upcoming addition to Halo: The Master Chief Collection pretty much starts and ends there. Halo 3 ‘s addition was revealed through a Tweet on the official Halo twitter, along with a teaser trailer on Youtube. The trailer recreates the iconic opening of Halo 3 , showing Master Chief barreling towards the Earth while glossing over the weapons of the game – the battle rifle and assault rifle.

While we have the date that Halo 3 will be joining the MCC , we don’t have much else. No pricing has been listed yet for the additional campaign, although on Xbox’s site other Halo campaigns are being sold individually for $9.99.

Admittedly, I don’t have Halo: The Master Chief Collection in my Steam library yet. I’ve played through the other Halo titles enough for one lifetime. But revisiting Halo 3 on PC at a higher framerate isn’t something I’ll be able to turn down. The real question here is whether or not developer 343 Industries will add Forge Mode to the game. When I was a young teen, Forge Mode and the game types that would come out of it fuelled hours upon hours of fun in the game with friends. Here’s hoping it makes a return when Halo 3 joins the remainder of Halo: The Master Chief Collection July 14.


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Every “ex-clusive” title is also releasing on pc and of course is good for industry and they make money in the same way cuz it’s the same MS

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I’m overjoyed to hear this good news .

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