Here is one of my latest Photoshop Illustrated Cityscapes

Hello, My name is James Christopher Hill. I’ve been an artist for over 40 years or more, since I was a child and this is one of my latest creations. I hope you like this as I’m showing the latest and one of first of my many cities I have created - This is Jenarias City of the future on another planet.

Anyway, I hope you like this so far. I used the color ranges not even meaning to be a cyberpunk image and yet, many have said it definitely is which I liked hearing as it means I was on the pulse of something relevant as an artist. You can visit the rest of my work at:


40 years!My God.

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Welcome to the CyberpunkCity!!

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It’s a city in the Galaxy. It’s so cool.That’s an idea I’ve never seen before.


People who live in this city, what kind of transportation do they use when they go out?


Looking forward to your Works in the Cyberpunk City Works Competition .


What a beautiful city!I look forward to seeing more works about the city!



I’d like to ask you what the “Cyberpunk City Commentator” activity is like?


The election method of the “Cyberpunk City Commentator” is that the judges will select the most valuable 10 commentaries.

Thank you!

Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll definitely look into it. :slight_smile:

Thank you Watch_Dogs.

Mag streets for vehicles that are automated located on the ground for now. You can see the tracks and pass overs in a grid system near the bottom and middle of the “canyon”.

I might add flying vehicles but for them to work efficiently without accidents they would have to use A.I. Swarm Technology.

Yea, I’m 54 and started selling work at 14 and really drawing since 5 every since I saw Star Trek in 1971 on a re-run. Blew my mind. Saw the first “Hyperloop” predicted in a made for TV Film called “Genesis II”.

You are truly amazing!

Welcome!Creative artist!

Another talented person has joined our forum. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a wonderful piece of work. I’m going to recommend it to my friends :+1:

Thank you!