LensCrowler: Illustration photobashing

Cyborg ninja crowler

Maked with camera pictures and pc hardware.
Character art & animation. Personal work

After effects animation, 3d simulate: Vimeo video animation

I wait for your feedback
Instagram: @rul.ballester


Wow, at this level, are you a professional?

This is the level of filmmaking. It’s amazing

May I ask how long it took you to finish this work?

Damn, this artist have such an incredible skills. I so in to these full mechanical style characters.

I spend the most time searching for photos. I need to create a good stock of quality mechanical pics. I just started with it. Mask the pieces and trim, assemble and touch up: 6-7 hours.
In my instagram I have a timelapse on how I made the art.

I’m a graphic designer: branding/web/logos… Illustration and animation its just my hobby

Absolutely amazing! Fall in love with your work. Are you an expert in this industry? Sure you are not an amateur.

This is so amazing! This is exactly what I want!! I guess you might refer to the image of the Terminator!!! Full of technology!

I think it looks more like Dauntless Fighter. But I think we should all agree that this is a very good design, am I right bro?

Are you from Japan? I really love your culture. You poster is so professional, hope to see more of you!

No I’m not from japan. I’m spanish but I really love the japan culture and his cool artistic style

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I love it, too :heart_eyes:

I think you make it well. I would like to know what the original camera picture is like and then I can see what kind of tech you use with pc hardware.

You can see the making-of in may instagram profile

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Thanks for sharing! Your design looks very cool and integrated, also those posted in your instagram are lovely and professional. Looking forward to see more work from you.

Wow, amazing. The poster is really like a technolgy movie character, looks so cool! Please share more this kind of mechanical character style design.

Wow, that’s a great level. How long did it take?These skills are incredible and I love the complete mechanical style of these characters.

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It looks too professional and combines a lot of things in it. I like this culture very much and Hope to see more works.

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