Member backgrounds (What do each of us "do"?)

Hi everyone,
It seems like there’s a lot of artists, writers, and other creators among us.
I thought it’d be nice to share what we do, and get to know each other better.

I myself am an artist, I do drawings and paintings. I have been painting (digitally) for about five years now. I also do a little bit of game development too but I haven’t started any cyberpunk projects (yet!).

But what about others? What do you do? Have you been doing it long? Or maybe you aren’t a creator, but instead a fan?


I’m a cyberpunk fan. I’ve loved cyberpunk since 2005


I’ve been learning modeling recently, but I don’t have a good piece of work right now, so I’ll be able to see it later


Hello! I’m Mini Bubbles and love Cyberpunk inspired drawings, as well as making.

I’m a Freelancer Illustrator and Concept Artist, I have a page on ArtStation: ArtStation - Silvia Granja

It has very few art for now, but am hoping to invest a bit more on Cyberpunk characters and environments as soon as I finish some work!
I have been painting traditionally for over 15 years, digitally for 10 years. I have worked as a mangaká illustrator for an agency from 2012 to 2013. As well as I have worked in independent portuguese movies for storyboards and movie posters, as well as a portuguese event called IberAnime in 2013.
Currently, I’m working on a videogame concept, it’s still in early stages so I’m not allowed to share much, but it is Cyberpunk inspired so I am looking forward for this opportunity to pursuit this thematic.
Other than drawing, I am a professional lifeguard and mermaid! :smiley: haha I am Portugal’s first professional mermaid and have an instagram page called: @theportuguesemermaid
My instagram page for drawings is very small but here it is: @sissi.artwork

Thank you so much for letting me join! :smiley: :heart:


Heyo! My name’s André , I’m from Portugal and I’m 2d artist currently working in the game industry.
My usual works are environments but my passion is creating character so I tend to do both in the same artwork! :slight_smile:
Here’s my online portfolio and twitter if you wanna check it out!
Artstation – ArtStation - André Simões
Twitter-- @Andre_Simoes


I think many of us are just fans correct me if i am wrong.


I’m now going to do a cyberpunk animation


Evening, all. I’m a Telecommuncations tech by trade, but a miniatures building, painting, and gaming enthusiast as a hobby. I have loved the Cyberpunk genre since the mid 80s. Favorite author: William Gibson. Favorite movie: Blade Runner. Favorite TV show: Altered Carbon.


You’re quite a long time fan! Welcome to the community.


I am new to cyberpunk, I am a digital artist.



I’ve been a huge sci-fi cyberpunk fan for years now, reading books and watching movies about the topic. I am a fan at this point, I wish I could be an artists but I have absolutley not art ability in my blood so I simply sit back and enjoy haha.

Cyberpunk is one of my favourite things, the whole vibe and everything about it. I wish I lived in a cyberpunk world, that would be beutiful but now Im stuck watching altered carbon and living vigariously through it.


Hi! and welcome!
Sometimes it’s better just to enjoy.


I’m a game host, and I like this style because of cyberpunk2077

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Hi am Ash im an animation student and illustrator been a cyberpunk fan since childhood .i am also developing a personal cyberpunk project (Ash) Ashish r (@emperor_smash) • Instagram photos and videos


Hey I’m a filmmaker, photographer and animator. I’ve always been a SciFi fan and have dived headfirst into the cyberpunk world in the last couple of years. I’ve been working in film for the last 5 years and now finally have some free time to create some art in the genre Im passionate about. Happy to meet you all and look forward to working with some of you and sharing more work with you all.


I am CU_CU_xii. I am and artist who loved this genre since 2014. I am a great fan of Deus Ex, Ghost in the shell, Blade Runner, cyberpunk 2077… Everything. This genre has everything I love. Tecnology, cynical and disenchanted vision of the world, Japanese folk. It’s themes and aesthetics. My art it’s very inspired on it. If you want to see it welcome :3

( (@CU_CU_xii)


Hey everyone, I’m an UI Artist in games by day, but I also paint a lot digitally, hoping to break into the concept art side more in time. Cyberpunk is one of the themes that I love painting, and have an idea in the works for a Cyberpunk concept art project in the near future.

Feel free to check out my work at: ArtStation - Scarlett Fu