Monna Lisa Overdrive

Art by Luca Oleastri - Rotwang Studio.

To know more about this artwork and its title please see:


Mona Lisa Overdrive is a forever topic about science fiction lovers, so am I, the cyberpunk style is vivid, which can evoke people’s imagination.

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Although I’m fresh to this field, still thanks for sharing~!

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GREAT wok ! dude. All the details and the face are so vivid. And ur explanation is really thoughtful. Wish to see more of ur works.

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It is a robot and one representative of AI? I think it may be more fluent and complete if you add some colors on this image to illustrate the different part of the body.

I can figure out that your inspiration is from the painting art ‘Mona Lisa’. It reminds me of that drawing too. I think it is very creative.