My cyberpunk

  I'm a Gamer, and in 2018 I learned about a new game called CYBERPUNK 2077, and out of curiosity I googled "what's cyberpunk? " And I've been immersed in the genre ever since, deeply attracted by the scene and the profound theme.
   After that, I bought the immortal classic about Cyberpunk, "Do androids dream of electric sheep? " And watched the film adaptation of Blade Runner, as well as books and movies about cyberpunk, i've even written a few novels (without success) . 
   Now whenever there's a topic about cyberpunk, I pay attention. I think this bizarre world is probably our future, although it's just a guess. You're welcome to come and talk to me about cyberpunk.

Welcome to be one of us

Nice to meet you

I agree with you. People who come here like this bizarre world very much

Welcomemy friend! Thank you for joining us! A big family full of passion and love. Here we support and encourage each other because of our common passion in Cyberpunk!