PC beta for Dark Souls-like Mortal Shell now open to all

The developer of Dark Souls-like Mortal Shell has opened the PC beta to all.

The game is available to download from the Epic Games Store, where it went into closed beta this week.

“We expected demand but nothing like this,” developer Cold Symmetry said in a tweet.

“We really didn’t want so many people to feel left out. We’re delighted to open the beta for everyone on PC, starting now.”

Cold Symmetry describes Mortal Shell as “an uncompromising soulslike experience through a compact, single-player game”. Expect a first playthrough to last between 15 and 20 hours.

The beta lets you possess two Mortal Shells: Harros and Tiel. It does not include spoilers (“we decided to keep the story a secret for just a little longer”), and to that end the developers have deliberately cordoned-off much of the open marshland of Fallgrim “to keep you focused”.

And a word of warning from the developers: “Mortal Shell was made for battle-hardened soulslike fans. It is vindictive design, assembled with spite. It will take the best among you around an hour to complete it. For everyone else, expect your progress to be much slower.” The video, below, runs through the beta.

Mortal Shell launches proper on the Epic Games Store later this year as a timed PC-exclusive priced £24.99, along with simultaneous console releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the third quarter of 2020 (July to September). The game launches on Steam a year later, during the third quarter of 2021.

I love Dark Souls games and am always up for more,

I’m all for spiritual sucessors and inspiration

My PC sounded like a fucking jet plane taking off when launching this game!

They keep ripping off dark souls, I wish someone tried to recreate sekiro, nothing quite scratches that itch.

I think there’s a massive difference between taking inspiration from or just straight up ripping off another game.

It’s time for Internet cafes to play games again

Looking forward

Not my type of game

Waiting for the game to come online

Pretty cool