Rainbow Six Siege’s Final Two Y5 Operators Leak, Splinter Cell Crossover Likely

Rainbow Six Siege’s next season, Operation Steel Wave, has yet to officially kick off, but given the game is the leakiest boat in the industry, we already know a lot about what to expect from the next two seasons. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will only feature a total of six new operators – Seasons 1 and 2 both include a couple, but Seasons 3 and 4 are only getting a single character apiece. So, who can we expect?

Well, YouTuber Game Felonies, who’s delivered legit leaks in the past, has posted a video that purportedly shows Season 3 and 4 content. The video is very blurry and difficult to watch (seriously, don’t bother if you’re prone to motion sickness), but dedicated R6S fans on Reddit have managed to draw quite a few details from it…

Our two new operators are codenamed Scout (attacker) and Aruni (defender), and it seems like Scout is a Splinter Cell crossover character, perhaps even Sam Fisher (although that hasn’t been confirmed). Reliable R6S leaker Kormora has also noted the Season 3 operator will be a Splinter Cell tie-in. Here’s a bit more detail about the new operator’s abilities:
  • Scout has a camera that can drill into walls, which seems to be fired by a pistol-like device. He also may be able to tap into camera feeds using something that looks a lot like Sam Fisher’s iconic night-vision goggles. Very Splinter-Cell-ish stuff, no? Oh, and a datamined image (seen above), which fans previously thought was a skin for another operator definitely has a pretty strong Fisher vibe, doesn’t it? So yeah, it’s not confirmed, but it seems pretty likely to me Sam Fisher is coming to Siege.
  • Meanwhile, Aruni has a gadget called “Laser Reinforcement,” which, unfortunately, is never used in the leaker’s video. These reinforcements can be placed in doors and windows. Apparently, Aruni also has a prosthetic arm, which can be used to punch out hatches.

As for other things revealed in the leak video, the whole thing takes place on what appears to be a rework of the Chalet map, and we catch glimpses of new Elite Skin for Tachanka and some sort of Splinter-Cell-themed headgear for Nokk.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Operation Steel Wave is currently being tested – the season’s full launch was delayed slightly, but it’s expected to drop next week. If you’d like to get a taste of R6S before the next season kicks off, Ubisoft is offering another free weekend from June 11 to June 15.


The fact that Ubisoft has failed to deliver a decent Splinter Cell title in the age of post Snowden, Vault 7,

Panama leaks, China-US cyberwarfare and bitcoin/cryptocurrency hacking speaks volumes of how much of a braindead, uninspired and talentless writers/directors they have on staff.

One with a leaker would be interesting especially

ok… maybe not the best for a mainline SC

maybe a spinoff of sorts. IDK just spat that out right now.

After playing with alloy equipment, I was recommended by my friends to play Rainbow 6, which is really a good game. I like it very much and look forward to it.

Rainbow Six is a good 3D game, full of technology, but the design is very tasteless, but the overall plot is very good, I hope to keep the original intention of the game

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