The Accident Scene

A rainy day,
an alley,
an elec-bionic stump,
an umbrella girl,
and a cat.
What kind of story is this?


The lovely girl is waiting for the aliens, and the cat is her guardian, she is also a fighter to protect the earth. Haha!

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Well, I think the cat is a transformation of a certain evil spirit, and the girl with umbrella is an alien as well. The purpose of her visit on Earth is to terminate other aliens. Don’t be fooled by her innocent face.

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I thought it would be a sad story, but when I saw the face and the expression on the girl’s face, I think it can be a humorous story.

I guess maybe the umbrella girl wants to take the cat to her home. We can see from the picture that the girl’s eye is full of desire! Haha.

The yellow blockade line and police suggests something happened, probably the cat was transformed from an alien! The girl saw the whole process, that’s why she stares at the cat with smile.

Something happened in this alley, the umbrella girl found a little cat and an elec-bionic stump outside the yellow warning line which may relate to what police investigated.

Girl with the sad story but must show smile face everyday, the cat can find out the sadness in the girl’s mind in this rainy day.

This girl with an umbrella looks so cute. But I couldn’t tell where she was. Maybe it’s in a store ?

It comes to me that this girl just steps on the little thing beside her and causes some hurts to it. So she looks apologetic.

Wow, the girl’s eyes are vividly portrayed, showing the surprise of seeing the cat at that moment perfectly. It was very impressive.