Thoughts on the game so far

Well it’s finally out. Haven’t played it myself, but I watched a friend play through the first few hours of the prologue. So far I think it looks alright. Pretty and alright.
The best thing I saw were the guns and the cars, very cool. The worst thing is the character editor, from what I heard I was expecting something with sliding scales.

How’s your experience so far? does it look good? are you hoping to see anything as you go?

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Started playing yesterday on PS4 Pro. The only thing that disappointed me so far was that the game runs in 1920x1080 with 30 fps instead of 3840x2160 with 60 fps. Looks like it’s not optimized well for the old consoles :slight_smile:

Character generator is not very advanced, but I see no problem in that. By the way, It looks almost the same as character generator in Baldur’s Gate III game.

What I liked very much is how the story starts rising philosophical questions in the very beginning of the game (when a show man and a priest were arguing about immortality on a TV show). Also I like that stealth and non-lethal force are valid ways to deal with combat encounters.

I’m happy with the game so far, but played just a few hours yet. Can’t wait to continue! :slight_smile:

It’s got some bugs and glitches but I just take them as part of the experience since your using optics instead of human eyes so most tech has a few problems in them

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