Threads of Fate (TRPG). Cyberpunk

The cover of Threads of Fate tabletop roleplaying game.

We are small team of indie TRPG-makers from Russia. Threads of Fate is a multi-genre tabletop roleplaying game. That use D20 die. We already have fantasy, postapok and cyberpunk sets. Watching for opportunities to localize them to english. Hope, it will go well! You will test those rules in the near future.

Our team artist is accepting commissions. Drop us a message, if you interested.
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Best regards, Feael and Nakatan.


Cyberpunk baby is creepy

Oh this is how cyber baby created

This is the future

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As it should be :no_mouth:

Welcome to Cyberpunk city

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Welcome to the CyberpunkCity!

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This comic book style I feel most cyberpunk

Thank you, pals! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like your design and your idea of this here with a baby. I think its implied meaning is that everyone can start from the zero point of their life and choose to be another person in the next life.

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I think your works posted here is very different from others. They just has different styles but all very cyberpunk and can be used as original models.

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I think there is even some philosophic meaning in this image and work. It is not only an art work about cyberpunk, it shows some deep meaning of life.

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This design is very special, let people see very strange. An unborn baby can do so many things through imagination.

Wow, thanks, everyone. That’s a real compliment to see you catch an inner meaning of this pic!

hahahaha,that’s cool

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LeiAlucard, Thanks^_^