Underworld killers血刀院六花


Welcome to the CyberpunkCity!

I think this Japanese samurai sword is a little hot.

I feel a little less decorated on my head.

Is this katana?


A killer with a tattoo on her left arm

I like this character

It’s wonderful

It’s cool

I like it


Thumbs up for the character! Did you get a name for her and are you going to make a series of characters and maybe give some background to each of them?

Looks amazing, love it. A killer with innocent eyes, makes it even hotter! Looking forward to your following work.

so is this a Chinese character ??never know it can be this cool !! Just because of her I D want to try this game.

Cool girl!The girl in the picture can be described as “a handsome girl”. Though we usually use the word “handsome” to describe boys, the girl deseves the description.

I like this picture, and it can bring people differnent feeling, a kind of refreshing feeling. So what is the thing behind this girl, her weapon?

Super high temperature Samurai Dao

I like your design honesly! It is quite clear without any complex modification. So when will post more pictures like this? I will save them all.

Her name is(血刀院六花), I don’t know how to express it in English