Witcher 3 Mod Gives Geralt Guns

He’s got two swords, beautiful hair and some magic powers, but if there’s one thing Geralt of Rivia has been missing all this time, it’s a set of antique pistols.

Via PC Gamer , this mod by Roenaxx swaps out Geralt’s crossbows for pistols, which at first glance might sound like a bad idea, but they actually look (and work) pretty cool!

There are a few different types available, from dainty sidearms to hand cannons, many with different abilities and powers, and you also get the ability to craft ammunition for them.


I like him gun

He’s got two swords and beautiful hair

i like the role

they actually look cool

It’s fun

Geralt is all:

Parry this

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The Witcher 3 is my favorite game, I like this gun, but I always feel that the wizard carries a strange gun with him.