Xbox Series X First-Party Showcase Will Reportedly Take Place on July 23

The biggest event for the Xbox Series X yet is said to take place later this month during the week of July 20.

July has now officially kicked off, which means that Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Xbox Series X presentation that will feature looks at first-party titles coming to the platform is set to transpire within the next few weeks. While Phil Spencer and the team at Xbox have yet to publicly divulge when this event will be taking place, multiple new reports have now come about giving us a better idea of when to expect it.

According to VGC, Microsoft’s next Xbox Series X showing will occur later this month during the week of July 20. More specifically, the report goes on to say that as of this moment, the showcase is tentatively planned to transpire on Thursday, July 23. This date could obviously shift (assuming that it’s even the right date to begin with), so keep in mind that it’s not official by any means.

That said, other reporters have also verified that this week is the one that we should seemingly circle on our calendars. Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb recently shared on Twitter that the week of July 20 is also when he has heard that this Xbox Series X presentation will be taking place as well. Considering this information has been verified by multiple outlets, it seems pretty good to bet on it happening within this period.

So just what will we be seeing at this event when it does occur in the coming weeks? Well, when it comes to specifics, there’s not much that we currently know. Halo Infinite is the only confirmed title that Microsoft has yet to say will officially be shown in July. Other first-party titles from Xbox Game Studios (notably The Initiative’s project, according to VGC) are also said to be making an appearance, as will some third-party games.

Based on other reports that we have heard this week, however, it doesn’t sound like the rumored second version of the Xbox Series X, codenamed Lockhart, will be revealed this month. Instead, Microsoft is said to be holding the announcement of this platform until August, where it will formally be unveiled as the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X is still slated to release later this holiday season at a still undermined price and date. Considering that we’re now officially in the second half of 2020, you’d imagine that we’ll start hearing more specifics about these unknown quantities rather soon, so stay tuned.


I was hoping it’d be more at the start of the month… for obvious reasons! Oh well… back into the time machine.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing what these new studios can do.

I’ve finally caught up on halo so excited to see infinite, hopefully it’s gameplay and not a cinematic trailer.

I’m wondering for Ninja Theory if they are gonna share some game play for Hellblade 2, and I’m hoping The Initiative is working on a new IP since they are a new studio.

Obsidian would be cool but I’m doubtful unless grounded or outer worlds dlc shows.

I don’t expect it to be published in advance, just don’t put it off.

The Great Journey waits for no one.

Can’t wait to see what is the final look of the Halo :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: